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SABERTM is a software tool for energy and water management programs at  federal facilities.  SABERTM is designed to target limited energy manager resources towards facilities that provide the greatest energy and water savings potential and hence reductions in utility costs (see SABERTM Features and Benefits).


SABERTM consolidates data and information from existing disparate databases, spreadsheets and other information sources.  These include federal facility databases (such as DUERS and the Department of the Navy's NFADs), installation submeter billing spreadsheets or software systems, utility company billing, energy efficiency proposals and projects, military handbooks for estimating energy and water consumption,  facility photographs and map locations. SABERTM is designed to use available data and not create another redundant database. 


At installations with large facilities (> 100,000 sq.ft.), the initial cost of  SABERTM is often recovered multiple times over after identifying a few large facilities with significant energy and water savings potential.   SABERTM also assists a single energy manager to cost-effectively manage multiple smaller sites. 


Chart Example


Because SABERTM provides a consolidated view of facility data, metered data, DUERS data and project data, sophisticated charts and reports can be produced.  The chart to the right shows the past, present and estimated future DUERS data (click on the chart for a larger version).   The brown line shows the DUERS data from fiscal year 2009 through the current date of the chart. The green line is the baseline year consumption under Executive Orders 13514 (baseline year of FY 2003) and 13693 (baseline year of FY 2015)  and the blue line illustrates the mandated federal reduction goals. The orange line is a projection of where the DUERS data will be in the future based on energy projects from 2014 through 2018 which are in construction or development.  These charts are powerful visual tools for determining if an energy management program is on track to meet federally-mandated goals.


Report Example 


The SABERTM Facility Report is a data report that includes information about the facility's physical characteristics, installed meters, facility energy-consuming equipment, metered consumption, calculated energy and water consumption and energy and water projects installed at the facility. This report provides a consolidated view of all energy and water usage-related data for the facility.
The link below displays a five-page facility report that was printed from SABERTM in pdf format. 

click here to download report

SABERTM Software


SABERTM contains over 50 reports that can be printed, exported to spreadsheets (in some cases word processing programs) and easily attached to an e-mail.  All charts and graphs displayed in SABERTM can readily be exported to Microsoft Excel along with the underlying data used to create the chart.


A host of tools are provided for importing and entering data, maintaining user profiles, and for maintaining the application (backups of software and tables).  In addition, tools are provided for searching for and resolving data inconsistencies between the disparate data sources.   Help files are included for each form or page along with “How do I ….” help.


SABERTM is typically provided fully configured for an installation and ready to use ‘out-of-the-box’.  Data entry is generally limited to importing monthly meter usage, entering proposal information (a module is included for importing spreadsheet ECMs) and quarterly updates from DUERS.  In addition, free weather updates are provided from RJD Technologies’ ftp site. 









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